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Application Process:
During the application process you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Personal details including a valid ID or Passport number
  • Spouse’s details if married
  • Contact information of a relative
  • Employment history
  • Summary of monthly income and expenses
  • Home ownership details (if applicable)
  • Banking details
  • Other credit provider details
  • Insurance details (if applicable)
  • Details of the vehicle you wish to purchase and of the dealer you intend purchasing the vehicle from. Although dealer information is not compulsory it will be required before a final decision can be made regarding your application.
The documents required when buying a vehicle:

A) If you want to test drive a car, get a quote and sign an offer to purchase:

In most cases, all you need to test drive a car is a valid driver’s license. If you test drive an expensive or rare model, you may need to put down a deposit just so the dealer can understand you’re a serious buyer. When looking for a price quote, you will need to supply trade-in details ( the title of ownership will be required when the vehicle is traded in at the point of transaction) if applicable, deposit amount you will be paying and any accessories you would like fitted to your vehicle of interest.

B) If you want to apply for a loan:

You should bring your license, and ID document or valid passport, a current pay slip (if you have more than one job, include those pay slips as well and any other income that you are earning), proof of residence, such as the most current utility bill. It helps to bring more than one utility bill, or a cell phone bill, as a backup document.  In some cases the bank might require 3 months bank statements, so obtain these beforehand to speed up the application and approval process.

C) If you want to sign all the paperwork and drive away in your new car:

When taking delivery of your vehicle please bring the above-mentioned documents along as well as proof of residence – the latest utility bill will be required.
You will also need to have proof that the vehicle is insured – our finance and insurance department can assist with this process – please start this process at least 24 hours prior to taking delivery of your vehicle.
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