Interior Features


New facets of the revamped Jazz have contributed to an increase in overall interior space. These include a more compact engine bay, more efficient rear suspension layout and new rear wheel arch design. This has resulted in significantly more space between the front and rear seats, dramatically increasing legroom. It has also increased the cargo capacity when the Magic Seats are deployed. The volume capacity with the rear seats in upright position is now a generous 363 litres and 881 litres with the seats down.

Magic Seats

This innovative seat mechanism can be configured in a number of ways using easy-to-use levers, to accommodate a variety of tall and long objects. The rear seatback is split 60:40 to offer both seating and extended cargo space. With the rear seats folded flat, the maximum amount of space is available thanks to the flat floor and vertical sides. In Tall Mode, upright objects can be accommodates with a floor-to-roof space of more than 1,2 metres, including two mountain bikes with their front wheels removed.


Black upholstery and soft-touch charcoal finishes emphasise the upmarket feel of the cabin, while silver accents add a further air of sophistication. Intuitive ergonomics are ensured by an all-new dashboard and instrument panel, featuring blue backlighting and a trio of clear, circular dials located directly ahead of the driving position.