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The FIT has been engineered and designed with a clean and well-balanced profile that is aerodynamically efficient. Its minimalist lines draw the eye with its sophisticated silhouette


Thanks to the redesign of the Honda Magic SeatsĀ®, the Honda FIT boasts outstanding versatility by allowing the back seats to fold into a variety of seat models that allow for increased storage. Magic SeatsĀ® are easily rearranged to accommodate vertical and horizontal interior stage, as well as to increase boot space. Thicker seat padding offers increased comfort to back seat passengers.


The FIT provides total comfort in its spacious cabin thanks to it imressive legroom and ergonomic front seats with their novel ant-fatigue design.

Models and pricing

FIT Hybrid

Available Oct 2021

FIT Comfort

R 319 900

FIT Elegance

R 359 900

FIT Executive

R 389 900