Stop Safely with ABS, EBD and EBA

With Anti-Lock Breaking System, Break Force Distribution, and Emergency Break Assist, the Ballade comes with standard features that help reduce speed as quickly and safely as possible in an emergency. Not only can you stop fast, but with a fully controllable and stable vehicle.

Smooth and Stable

With Vehicle Stability Assist, your Ballade is always working to keep maximum traction on the road. Not only making the drive smooth and comfortable, but more importantly increasing vehicle control and overall safety.

Going up

With Hill Start Assist, the risk of rolling backwards during a stationary uphill start is reduced dramatically. The Ballade makes safe, stable driving as simple as possible.

6 Airbags

Accidents happen, but the Ballade front, side and curtain airbags are ready to protect you. Combined with Anti-Whiplash Headrests and Seatbelt Load Limiters that reduce pressure on the chest, safety is the Ballade’s priority.